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Meeko eating Biscuit
Meeko eating Biscuit


I’m MeekoDev, an active blogger and Twitter user.  My main interests are international politics and social movements with emphasis on demonstrations.

I’m currently researching the Isla Vista Riots of 1970.

You will find most of my current interests in my Twitter feed and I am following both the Egyptian and Yemen demonstrations.

In addition my @MeekoDevRadio Twitter account plays many forms of music, with emphasis on protest songs.

I have been a supporter of WikiLeaks since they first appeared on the internet. Many of their early documents have been informative to me. I only hope that they will again publish non-newsworthy information.

One of my loves is Disneyland, as well as the early cartoons from the Disney Studio, especially the black and whites such as Plane Crazy and those featuring Oswald the Rabbit.

I hope you enjoy my blog entries. They can be found on the right.



Written by MeekoDev

February 12, 2011 at 4:34 am

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