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Its one thirty in the morning, and I still haven’t finished the film I started to watch at 5:30. Sure I had a few errands that took two hours, but most of the time was spent on Twitter.

After hours of chatting, someone mentioned music and off I went. I turned to my MeekoDevRadio account and began to spin tunes. By spinning tunes I mean going to YouTube and playing a few hours of videos. For me, its addicting.

Tonight my show mainly consisted of songs of the 1980’s. Sometimes I choose music that I do not prefer. If it is popular a real DJ will still play

a song. My station is no different. I may  not speak between the songs, instead my typing does that for me. I would eventually enjoy a night of Disney music, but this will be hard to pull off. To properly do this, a queue will need to be made. Then of course there is the question, should I play songs in foreign languages? For example, the French-Canadian version of “Colors of the Wind” relays the feelings more than any other language.

There are so many questions to be answered before I prepare my playlist, but there is always some prep while I play my music. Like many real life DJ’s I have two “turntables” or YouTube windows going. One  is playing the song that has been tweeted, and the other window is searching or waiting for the next tune.

For example, tonight one window was open to the my final song Eddie & The Cruisers film of Tender Years, and the other tab had Randy Newman’s I Love L.A. playing.

At the end of the tonight, I may have been busy, but I sure enjoyed listening to all those tunes. Its just too bad that I need to get to sleep so  early. 2:30 a.m. is simply not fair. There’s time to play more music and chat on Twitter before I have to be asleep.


Written by MeekoDev

January 14, 2011 at 3:05 am

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