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This last week has been really crazy. Between replacing the radiator in the car on my roommate’s first day of the semester to not getting enough sleep for four nights in a row, I just haven’t been functioning well.

There is a list of films I’ve wanted to see this week. As many of you may know, I am a movie freak. So here I am, Inception in my Amazon view-on-demand queue, and Michael Apted’s documentary “Incident at Oglala” sitting in a tab for three days, and yet not one of these films have been viewed. By the time I am done with housework, spending time with friends, and calming down, I’m usually too t ired to give these films the attention they need. Don’t have it in me to watch my junk television either, Sober House hypes me up.

My knitting is suffering the same fate. This is something that I really miss. I need to make time to watch some television and movies. My mind needs a healthy distraction where I don’t think.

Well, I have about ten minutes left before I fall asleep. I’m going to devote it to Oglala. Michael Aptep’s documentary films have always impressed me. Unlike his movies which are a mixed bag at best, he has a way when telling a real story. In this case two FBI agents died while serving  a warrant on a man who stole a pair of boots. Going to a hostile Native American area of land, two agents are killed. Most believe the men arrested for the murder are not the guilty ones. Its very well edited and the topic is one that is always relevant.

I’m looking forward to watching another twenty minutes of this tonight. Tomorrow, I’m taking the day and watching Sober House. It is an official non-thinking day!

Now if only Egypt get’s their internet back will I feel the ability to stay off the news websites when I get up.


Written by MeekoDev

January 28, 2011 at 3:08 am

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